Every year we rotate the wheat soils using different varieties according to the zone and market situation.

The growing is fertilized during its sowing and later on, the cluster (macolla). The watering is done timely and thanks to this we have accomplished high yields for our zones and wheat bonused for its quality.
Every year, a contract is closed with different companies. It was like this that last year the Central Southern Zone wheat was sold to Carozzi, getting the earlier mentioned bonus.
Last year, the yield for the central southern zone was 6361 pounds/acre, being the average of the variety in our zone of 2428 pounds/acre.

Southern Wheat

Our wheat pastures are rotated with oats, raps, lupine and meadow every season. The sowing is done between May and August and the harvest is done as from the beginning of February.
The southern wheat is hard, basically used to make spaghetti. This wheat has certain characteristics, such as not very tall canes, which resist the heavy wind and rain of the zone.
The extensions of the wheat sowing are higher in the south because they do not compete with fruit trees or other alternatives.