We have  266.873 acres of Walnut Trees of the Serr and Chandler varieties, some of them in full production and other ones on the verge of producing.
This makes it one of the biggest and most specialized farms in walnut production in Chile, which has resulted in products of the best quality, renowned at world and local level, especially due to the light color of our walnuts and their good caliber.

We manage our orchard with excellence, individualizing each plant to fulfill their needs and keep them balanced. The phytosanitary program aims to keep the intervention in nature to the minimum, adding to this our geographical position that keeps us isolated from plagues and disease, allowing us to end the season with a product with low intervention.

The 2009 season production exceeded 400,000 kgs. The orchards are handled with the most advanced technology in all its aspects, watering, meteorological station, frost control, harvest, drying and packing. We also count with international consultants who visit us every year, which allows us to improve our methods.
Our management has helped us reach a production of 7318 pounds/acre, without compromising our quality.

We keep record of watering (which is 100% mechanized), applications, productions, climate factors, in order to ensure an exact traceability of our products.  

The harvest and drying processes are performed with the latest technology. The mechanically harvested walnuts are taken to our processing plant, where they are peeled and cleaned, to be dried in ovens at the most six hours after being harvested. This factor is vital to obtain excellent quality. The drying in the ovens is monitored through humidity sensors and also our quality analysis laboratory is permanently taking samples in order to get a counter sample and the appropriate dryness for the cracking of the product. Afterwards, the samples enter a laboratory where their quality, color, health and caliber are obtained and then recorded and kept available to offer the product. These products are then packed according to the customer’s needs and stored in the warehouse to be dispatched later.