Our Red Globe orchards are relatively new, standing out for the homogeneity of its plants.
After 20 years of experience in Table Grape production, we may say that this growing is probably the most demanding when it comes to its management. For this, small surfaces allow an exact management in all its aspects: sanitary, thinning, watering, cleaning, harvesting, fertilization, etc. We count with the highest technology for production, starting with excellent quality plants on rootstocks in order to obtain homogenous and vigorous orchards, at modern densities which increase production. We also have consultants with a brilliant career and widely renowned.   

Each year we get certified in order to be able to send our grape to the most demanding countries. We put special emphasis in the condition of the grape, understanding that it is a highly perishable product, which travels to very distant destinations, and the growing, care, maintenance, harvest, packaging and transport of the grape are carried out in perfect conditions.

The fertilization program allows keeping the orchard in balance in order to avoid production fluctuations in time, making the longevity of the orchard high.
The harvesting, cleaning and packaging are carried out in the orchard. The packaging is then performed in our Packing, following all the international health standards and accomplishing a final export product which is absolutely healthy for human consumption.
We also count with all the records that allow us to trace the product step by step.